things are changing around here...

so. we're in our 3rd week of our second round of feeling great in 8, this diet/health program that we're doing. the first time around, it didn't click for me, diet wise. i felt limited & hungry. i struggled. all in all, i lost 8 pounds - but i'm pretty sure that was more that i was exercising than eating all that great.

this time around, i'm easily getting in my fruits and veggies & i'm not resenting it at all. whole wheat - everything? not a problem. all in all - i'm motivated this time around. i have goals that i'm working towards, short term and longer term. i'm rocking this.

by the end of this week, i'll hopefully be up to 8 pounds. by week 2 - i'd lost 6.5 pounds. i'm enjoying the exercise. and i'm not craving too much junk. [though, honestly at bookclub last night, i wanted some of that apple pie being passed around & typically - i can give or take the pies. but i didn't cave.]

i found this lady's blog a few days ago. and i'm finding her totally inspirational. she started off my size-ish. she has made me think that maybe i can get down to where i was when i moved into my house 7 years ago. something i never thought i was going to get to. heck fire, i had told myself if i could just get down to the weight i was at when we got married, i'd be good. but now, i've set my goals even higher. or lower. you get it... being a size 6 again - not impossible for this girl.

i bought a couch to 5k app today. and i just did the first workout. it wasn't bad. which means if all goes right in 8 weeks, i could be able to run a 5k without stopping. i hope i make it. i'm going to try real hard to talk garrett into doing it with me. 

what am i doing right now? eating between 5-10 servings of fruits and veggies per day, drinking 64 ounces of water, eating whole wheat stuff - no white flours, not eating junk & fried foods - which is big for me, doing 45-60 minutes on the wii fit plus every day and walking for a half hour on the treadmill. the wii fit plus is not too hard on my back and i can feel the yoga is paying off with my back. and i'm watching shows on netflix while on the treadmill & loving that. 

p.s. on that blog - she took a picture every time she lost 10 pounds & it is amazing to me. you betta' believe that i'll be doing the same thing. i'm not sure if i'm brave enough to post those belly shots on here. maybe in the end when i have so much to be proud of. :)


Kristin Jones said...

You go, Hayl!!

Sarah Young said...

That is awesome Hayley! Keep it up girl!!

Katey said...

Way to go chica! I need some motivation...it surely didn't come at the ring in of the new year!!

Suzanne said...

I LOVE Couch to 5K! I've done it a couple of times and it is really motivating to me. (Of course, once I finish and the weather gets crappy, I quit. Hence, the having done it a couple of times.) I love that it starts slow and insists you not do more right away. Great excuse to not push it right away.

Heather said...

Hayley that awesome, I'm proud of you!!! You can do that 5K!! Love it!!