musics. i just have to share

i love when there's an artist that i like, like florence + the machine that every song i hear on the radio or wherever is good. their first album, lungs - i liked all of the hits, but never just listened to the whole album. but i liked them enough that when their 2nd album came out, we bought it. and i listened my little heart out. and i LOVE the whole entire album. love it. my favorite time to listen is when it is just mikey and i in the car and i don't hold back at all. i belt it out along with her. and yes, i refer to her as flo
i wasn't disappointed when ingrid's new album came out. i knew i wouldn't be. i love that girl. this album is heavier. i love it. i feel like if i've told you before to listen to her and you haven't, that i should think long and hard about why we're friends and possibly consider doing the block out. that's how strongly i feel about her. buy her albums. support this woman that i feel like i would be friends with. 
my friend aimee at sprikspace [wh by the way is so incredibly generous and creative] has never led me astray. she recently recommended an album to me. i got on hold from the library for it. as soon as i popped that cd in my car the other day when i picked it up, i thought to myself, "that aimee-sprik-space, she's a genius!" [aimee, that's what garrett calls you & it has started to stick... hehe. he gives lots of people little nicknames to help himself remember names...] i have fallen for those guys named the head and the heart. i'm definitely a fan of this cd and i won't be returning it a day sooner than necessary to the library. [and then there will be a purchase, duh.]

 so there you have it folks. this is my good deed of the day, sharing with you peeps. 

get these three albums. someway, somehow. don't make me tell you again.


Aimee said...

Awwww... so glad you liked it! :) love the nickname too.

Heather said...

thanks Hayley. I do love Ingrid. I'll give the others a try as well. I don't think you have lead me astray yet!

Holly O. said...

I downloaded the heart one today. The others...I already love. Yo.

Holly O. said...

And thank you.