bok, charge! and a good girl.

  • mikey started saying "bok" yesterday and this morning. i had no idea what he was talking about. he's also  developed a fondness for the silky blanket garrett's mom had made for him. we've always left it by the rocker and in case one of us had to go rock him in the night, it'd be there for all of us to enjoy a little warmth. well, he's been loving playing in his room lately & has started snuggling on this thing a lot. so much that i've been giving it to him to go down with. and he loves on it when he gets it. this morning when i went to get him up, he was furiously talking about "bok" but i had no idea because he was pointing at what looked like out the window. turns out, he was pointing at that end of the bed because that's where he'd thrown it. i finally figured out that "bok" means this blanket. so i let him bring it out of his room and laid it on the floor... he had a fun few minutes snuggling while i snapped a few pictures.
  • "charge!" is a game that i've played with mikey for months. if he walks down the hallway by the stairs and drops to crawl position, i'll get down and say "charge!" and we'll crawl towards each other and then wrassle. he's been playing "charge!" a lot the last few days on his own command.
  • mikey was watching some show on animal planet [cartoons don't exist in his world!] and he heard someone call a dog "good girl" and now he says it like crazy. we try to say "good boy" because we don't want him confused - but he repeats "good girl" all of the time.
  • mikey loves to sing. he'll sing in the car with me. it melts my heart. here's a video of him last night singing one of my favorite songs right now. he doesn't sing that much because he got shy when his daddy got the camera out. before the camera was out, he was singing like crazy!
all in all - i like this kid. 


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Everyone likes that kid.