what the sheet?

mikey woke up from his nap today [we had a jammie day... no shame!] and i was in the middle of doing something, so he sat in there for a few minutes before i got to him. when i went in, this is what i found. yep, that is the sheet off of his bed. every blanket and stuffed animal was thrown out - that's normal. i think the sheet was about to go. he's so crazy. he was also jumping/bouncing & so proud of himself when i went in there. garrett grabbed the camera and snapped a few.

tonight, as garrett was bathing mikey, i knew i wanted to put this picture on my blog. i went to get pictures off of the camera and... gulp...  i had no pictures on there from december. the only pictures i took in december were on my phone. [insert overwhelming amounts of guilt.]

i knew i'd been neglecting, but i didn't realize it was that bad. thank heavens, i pulled my head out of my butt and started doing project life again. the break was nice, i'll admit... but i want to document my child's life [& our family] better. i've got the blog up and going again if you're interested. i'm doing pictures from instagram this time. i have been posting the pictures on facebook, but that isn't a guarantee.

p.s. i'm doing digital project life - clementine edition, [obvs] this time around. i think it'll be a lot easier or less time. but less journaling. hence the necessity of the blog. i'm loving it so far!!!

and future mikey - i'm sorry for the last 2 months' neglect. we played like crazy kid. we really did. you walked backwards. the floor was always a mess. you knocked. it was good times.


garrett said...

i love that nic. and sure, we didn't have a ton of phtos, but we had a ton of fun! love you.

Holly O. said...

What is a nic, G-Funk?

I love his hair.

I love his sheets.

I love that he loves to go buck wild.

I love that he wore his jammers all day.

I love that you are a project lifer.

garrett said...

DYAC, Holly. Kid is supposed to be there, not nic. Grrr.

Holly O. said...

What is DYAC, G-Funk?
Except I really don't know. And FYI, I wasn't being a sassy pants when I asked what nic was either. I just really wanted to know. I'm nosey.

Holly O. said...

Googled DYAC. I feel smarter now. Except I look stupid for even asking.

Hayley said...

holly. damn you auto correct. duh.

Holly O. said...

And now I'll stop leaving comments.

Holly O. said...

After this one.