tres cosas

[three things a la espanol]
  1. i've been doing the shred this week, every morning. i know for lots of you out there, that's nothing. but for me, since i haven't really done any exercise since the beginning of november, this is big for me. i'm starting another round of "feeling great in 8" in 2 weeks. i wanted to give myself a headstart. not being totally strict about eating, but at least getting back into the routine of exercise. and surely being better about eating than i was during the holidays. well between tuesday and this morning [friday!!!] i gained 8 pounds. i spent a large part of the morning being really irritated. pissed, even. i may or may not have called myself jabba the hutt. but i've decided that isn't going to get me anywhere. i'll just keep doing it. eating better. exercising. all that bull. it'll start showing at some point, right? sometimes it is hard to stay motivated, which is so frustrating because on tuesday morning - i was so gung ho.
  2. for christmas, mikey got this toy called the alphaberry. he loves it. i think it is so clever and cute, too. he sits and listens to music on it & pushes his letters. he also holds it up to his ear and pretends like it is his phone.  i got some pictures of him playing today. 
  3. here's a little collage i made, in an effort to keep up with being better about taking pictures. on a real camera. cause while i might be jabba, i can at least be better about something that i want to do better at right now.  i just love his face. just don't mind that his face is dirty.


garrett said...

You can do it! I know I wasn't the greatest coach this morning, with meetings going and work being busy, but I'm glad you're saying "eff you" to those pounds and just sticking with it. You're my hero and I love your face.

Beth said...

Just keep going Hayley! Don't worry too much about the poundage rights now, just work on making the habit of working out and eating better. Work on changing your lifestyle and the rest will follow. Just doing something is what you need to focus on now!

Kristin Jones said...

Keep it up Hayley...youcan do it!!!