my 2011 instagram blurb book = absolute love!

i didn't really get serious about using instagram until about summer but i was doing mikey's first year on project life through that time, so our life was documented. the second half of the year - we used and abused instagram. i love that app. seriously my favorite of all of the apps in town.  well, the last part of december, i got to thinking about how fun it would be to make a photo book of all of the pictures we'd taken. so new years day, i whipped this little bad boy up & it was delivered today. i am totally and completely in love. it is a good quality [well, not all of the pictures are that great, but that is the photographer's fault, not the book's fault. and i knew that when i was making it. but i still used the pictures because they still mean something. who cares if they're a little blurry, that happens with moving children, right? right.] and i can't wait to share. if i may say so myself, this little idea i had - genius. i highly recommend. it inspired my plans for this year's project life. instagram + digital project life on shutterfly. i'm lovin' it. [and now i'm craving mcdonalds french fries...]

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Holly O. said...

Love it!!! I still want to see it in real life though.