what he says @ 16 months

things mikey says:
  • knuck & knuckle. very clearly. 
  • knock.
  • geez.
  • bite?
  • hi!
  • tree [he loved having the christmas tree up. but now he says it about all trees.]
  • whoa? [short for "hello" for someone who can't say his l's.']
  • bye!
  • da-da & ma-ma
  • tay-too [thank you]
  • gog [dog]
  • lots of animal sounds. baa, moo, ruff, ssssss [hiss for a snake] & rar! [all animals are still called a gog though.]
  • fuf [fan]
  • sues. [shoes]
  • uh-oh
  • no. no-no. no! no!
  • mmmm-mhmmm-mmmm if he spies some food that he wants. 
  • and for all other things, he still does his little chirpy grunt like a charm. "ouh" & he will grab your hands and take you where he wants you to be, like to the fruit bowl if he wants a piece of fruit.
i love hearing his voice.  music to my ears.


garrett said...

I love listening to him talk!!

And no big deal, he's just playing with tampons and a treadmill...

Holly O. said...

Ummmmmm, why isn't HOLLY on his list?!?! Oh right, because he never sees me.

Katey said...

I personally love that he is holding tampons in this picture! That face is just the cutest though. :)