the real december calendar

a few months ago, garrett and i started using google calendar to keep ourselves up to date. we have a lovely calendar hanging on the wall & i still refer to that often - but it doesn't have the daily items on it. i have loved having emails in the morning waiting for me to remind me of an event for the day. i have also loved the "reminders" feature that will send me another little pop up window on my computer and phone as the event comes closer, should i set that up. 

but the real calendar i'm talking about right now is the menu planner december calendar i printed. [found here...] on it, i included a lot of the evening activities for the month, so that i could keep it in mind when plotting treats.

i had been thinking about doing it this way in an effort to not have too much crap to do on christmas eve and day, over filling the fridge and then letting a bunch of food go to waste. i want my gluttony to be better spread out. and don't worry, we'll have lots to enjoy on christmas, but i won't feel the pressure to cram it all in.

not everything is a batch of cookies, in fact - i'm only making one batch per week. lots of the treats are our favorites that we've enjoyed making over the few years of our marriage. some are newbies that i want to try. many are appetizers. [we are suckers for appetizers at our house.] some desserts. some drinks. some breakfast items. [garrett has 2 weeks off this month. i can't wait. i know of a little boy who, while he can't anticipate it, will be in HOGS HEAVEN!] some treat days overlap with something i need to take - like the treat i make for bookclub will also serve as the day's treat...  i'll make enough so that garrett gets to enjoy plenty, have no fear. 

it is a good thing that my back is finally feeling better. because i will need to be doing my exercises everyday to keep from gaining too much weight.

bring on december, i can't wait!!!


garrett said...

Hooray for December O' Gluttony! I'm excited for treats!

J+S said...

I want to know what some of these fabulous treats are?

Holly O. said...

I just wish I could read what the daily treats are...