mikey has started sleeping in later now that he's not napping in the afternoons. there have been a few mornings where we wake up before he does.

saturday morning, we were laying in bed talking and mikey started to stir. garrett was either reading his book or getting his morning update on his phone. but i started taunting him about going to get mikey before he did. sometimes we race. yes, we are that kind of dork nugget. he wasn't taking the bait of the taunts. so finally, as i was getting up, i said, "you're kind of making this boring."

all of a sudden, he sprang at me and growled, "i'm going to clobber you!" and tried to beat me out of the room. well, he very nearly did because i was laughing so hard.

i love that man. i love how he can ignore me when i'm being ridiculous and how he can feed into my silliness when it is appropriate, too. i'm so glad we have so much fun. i don't think everyone has it as good as we do.

i'm thrilled that he now has 2 weeks off of work and that we get to spend every day together, playing. we're going to watch shows [arrested development marathon already underway] and play wii games - most of these are after mikey goes to bed - and play with our little boy. i love it, just having a lot of family time, our little family and both sides of our families. i'm looking very forward to it all.

i got mikey out of his bed. and then he immediately wanted his dad. can you blame him? and garrett changed his poopy diaper. boo-yah.


garrett said...

I love that I've got two weeks off to play with you guys! And I don't mind changing a poopy diaper or two. :$

Amy said...

I love it! I love your life for you:)

Suzie said...

Garrett-you are golden.
Both of you are lucky ducks.
And Mikey?
Luckiest of all.