if you frequent target...

you need to know this: get the target red debit card.

here's some helpful hints:
  • it is not a new line of credit. it links to your debit card. you use it instead of your debit card.
  • you'll only get to use it at target.
  • you'll need a blank check when you go in to sign up for it.
  • you get 5% off everything.
  • it gives you free shipping on target.com
  • if you use target as your pharmacy, when you fill 5 prescriptions there, they'll send you a card in the mail that'll give you an additional 5% off for any purchases you make in one day. so you could do one grand shopping spree or you could go back in like 5 times.  that's right friends, that is a total of 10% off for a day. 
here's what i'm finding:
  • target employees are pushing it, i think they get some sort of credit for signing people up. i had one guy explain to me that they're doing it because it saves target from having to pay fees when they run our cards. thus, saving everyone. i am down with that.
  • people checking out automatically assume it is a credit card they're being offered & so then they say "no, thank you."
  • everytime i hear the person in front of me turning down an offer, i butt in and explain why they might want to re-think the matter, they end up getting it. [am i neddie jr, or what? huzzah!]
  • that is right, i may not be able to give everyone a christmas present this year, but i can spread my christmas cheer with savings. you're welcome, near perfect strangers. 
  • some restrictions apply. [not really, i just wanted to say that.]
  • just get the damn card, please. 
this is not a sponsored post. heavens, i wish it was. i still have plenty of shopping left to do. just don't forget your blank check! and don't make me tell you again.


Jori said...

Holy crap! How come the moron in line behind me never pipes up when I say no thank you?? Probably because they don't know either. Thank you for the tip. I am bustling over there tomorrow!

garrett said...

Some restrictions DO, in fact, apply. Some financial institutions aren't participating, but they can tell you if yours is when they scan your check to give you the card. :) I love how excited you get when you tell those strangers about it!

Suzanne said...

Thank you! I've been wondering about this. I certainly spend enough at Target! Next time I'm in, I'm signing up!