christmas 2011

a few days after christmas, i kinda had a feeling in the pit of my stomach of guilt. i realized that the only pictures taken on christmas were instagram pictures on my phone. i used to have the camera out all of the time but now that project life is over, i've totally slacked. 

let me just tell you a little background on the tales of my christmas past: they were magic. we did not grow up with any family around, so we were always alone on christmas. not alone, it was never lonely - just our small, immediate family. a mom and dad & their daughters. we had traditions galore & it was a delightful few days [because we all know that christmas lasted from the eve's eve til the day or two after christmas] of staying in and being together around the fireplace and christmas tree. the most contact we had with the outside world was a telephone call, except for the day after christmas, my mom usually ran out to hit the sales for a few hours... none of us complained. we played games, we ate, we stayed in the living room enjoying every last minute we could soak in. do you remember the anticipation? geez, i still get all excited when i think about these memories. we read scriptures, we listened to tapes of christmases past, [my parents used to tape record christmas morning. it was a lovely tradition & what a treasure to be able to go back and hear yourself when you were tiny.] we baked goodies, we had fancy dinners, we cuddled. we got up at ridiculous hours after having all slept in the same room. we jingle belled my parents awake on christmas morning... ahhhhh, you should hear my happy sighs right now.

i was talking to a friend this last week who i've known since i was in diapers. we were talking about christmas as a kid and she even commented on how incredible my family christmases were. she remembered hearing about them.

i want to create the same kind of magic for my kids. right now, mikey is too young to get it. but in a few years, he'll get it. garrett and i talked about the things we want to make tradition... and part of being married is compromising... when garrett and i first got married and he told me that on christmas they always traveled to see grandparents, i couldn't comprehend. i couldn't imagine spending christmas day in the car traveling around. so we negotiated...  we'll spend most christmas eve's with garrett's family at his parents house - they have some pretty great christmas eve traditions. and then we'll spend christmas day at home with our own little family [though visitors are more than welcome!] and i'll cook another tasty meal christmas night. this way we're both satisfied...  spending time with extended family & time at home. and so far, i love it. i loved spending the afternoon with garrett's family and doing their nativity play. it is funny [probably because i couldn't imagine enjoying different traditions before i got married] but i enjoy these new traditions, too - even if i want to hold on to some oldies still. the bottom line is: we just need to establish our own christmas traditions.

one tradition that we didn't hold to this year: getting up early. well, i did, so thus garrett did. but mikey didn't & as crazy as i am - i wouldn't wake him up, even on christmas morning. so when he slept in until almost 8 am, i was going nutters. i had showered and gotten ready for the day. [which ended up paying off as we eventually had church to get to & with unwrapping presents taking a chunk of time, it wouldn't have happened had i not been ready.]

in the end, santa came & we enjoyed going to sacrament on christmas. we went with heidi's family and i cried as i watched annie sing. at first i was a little bitter that we had to disrupt tradition and go to church. then i got a handle on it & remembered "the real reason for the season" [yes, i'm being sarcastic here, but at the same time it is true.] [i hate when people say "keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas.]  and now, just so you don't think i'm purely the devil, i'm going to share a few christmas pictures with you:

 playing with new toys.
 i finally got a nativity! i love it!
this was the christmas of facetiming my family. it made me feel like we were with them, even when we were hours and states apart. i love facetime!


Beth said...

Isn't technology wonderful! Made it nice to see and talk to family that aren't close. Don't worry about the lots of pictures not taken...just enjoy those wonderful memories!

garrett said...

Best Christmas ever! I think we're in for a long string of best Christmases... :) love you! Thanks for helping our family make some great traditions!

Holly O. said...

I'd happily sleep under the tree with you again. xoxo

Holly O. said...

And I love FaceTime too.

Amy said...

ah, man! I love that saying:)
So true about blending Christmas and family traditions. It gets tricky when you get married. Sounds like you found a wonderful way to compromise. Making your own family traditions with your own family is truly a sweet thing. Thanks for sharing!