15 month old mikey

well.  my picture taking has definitely slowed down & i do feel guilty about that. but honestly i feel like i'm down rolling around with him more, so i don't feel guilty about that.

i love this stage he's in. we are back to having so much fun.  we're all healthy again. november was a very rough month for mikey and me. he is a funny eater. if we "cold" offer something to him, he might refuse it. for instance, he doesn't really love being put in his high chair to eat while i'm making dinner, but he will gladly sit on one of our laps when we sit down and eat pretty much everything we have on our plates. trick is, he has to see us eating it. then he wants it. from fudge to broccoli. i guess this is a test of our parenting because if he sees us doing it... i know the sitting on our laps to eat and not in his high chair isn't the best habit, but i can proudly say that i think it is our only "bad" one.  

mikey is really into looking at pictures of animals and discussing their sounds. so far he can do: dogs, cows, sheep, snakes and lions regularly. there are a few more that he'll sometimes do. his roar is the absolute cutest thing in the world. my sister just gave us this poster that we just hung up out here was an instant hit. we have spent lots of time sitting and talking about those animals.  then the abc poster from his room, it is like he all of a sudden realized it is there. he LOVES talking about animals during a diaper change and afterwards, too. it is pretty much expected that he'll get to spend a few minutes there after a dipe change & if you forget it, you might get in some trouble. 

his two drawers in the kitchen are still probably his favorite play area. he loves to carry around a 1/2 teaspoon and mixing cup and stir. if you're lucky, he'll offer to share some with you. it makes him smile so big when you take a sip. i wonder what he thinks he's making... i love that he's already starting to pretend a little. if he can squeeze into the fridge when the door is open, he will. i love watching him butt the door back open. it cracks me up. 

mikey loves spending time with kids. this week, i had my neice and nephew over for a sleepover. they're much bigger than him but they indulged him plenty. annie especially got roped into pushing him fast on his little bike/walker/thingy. he doesn't have the words to say, "come on, again!" or "please, keep doing this!" but he gets his message across with little grunts and groans.  she got so sick of doing it that at one point she hid the bike & i didn't blame her. i just think he's a kid that would've done so well with older siblings. he can just sit and watch and be thrilled. and when they are nice back to him - oh heaven on earth for him!

mikey tells on himself when he's doing things he shouldn't be doing because he says "no, no!" as he's doing it.  he's actually pretty good about not doing things, but probably once a day, he gets into the a little trouble with the ornaments. he just needs to be reminded it seems... because for the most part he will just look, but sometimes he can't resist temptation. 

while mikey was sick, he had nasty diarrhea. and the world's worst diaper rash. at least that i've ever seen. it got worse because one night, he slept all night on an acid poop. which basically ate his little bottom right up. you can not imagine the guilt i had, because i heard him pooping [grunting] on the monitor but didn't do anything. i let him cry it out that night...  i told myself that he was just waking up and needed to remember how to go back to sleep. well, during the last month - we've all kind of slipped into bad habits. ok. garrett and mikey have, because to be honest - mikey wants garrett when he wakes up in the night, so i've stopped going in. [isn't garrett the best daddy ever?] mikey has started waking up between 9 & 11 most nights and garrett will go in and rock him back to sleep, with the excuse of making sure he hasn't pooped. mikey is really milking the system, let me tell you. at first we were doing it because he was having horrible diarrhea all night long and couldn't sit or sleep on it. but it has been a week or two since he's pooped in the night & we need to stop going in. as garrett was spending a half hour in there with mikey last night, i was reading my toddler 411 book & realized that we'd reverted. so mikey, i'm sorry - but it is going to be tough love again. you need to remember to sleep like the good boy that you've always been...

yesterday i had a major burst of love for mikey. he gave me a kiss. and then snuggled me & i had this overwhelming gratitude for my life. i love that i get to stay home with him. i love that we get to play all day. i'm so thankful that garrett lets me stay home with him. he is a crazy fun, talkative little toddler all of a sudden and i love it. i loved babyhood. i still think he is a baby...  but he is becoming a toddler so fast. and it is great fun.


garrett said...

I sure do live that boy! I love that you get to stay home with him, too. I'll try to be good about the sleeping stuff. It's just nice that he wants to snuggle and sleep on me again. I miss that part of babyhood, but I'm also loving this stage of his toddling, too! I hope we can say the same when he reaches age 2!!

Elizabeth Ward said...

just wait till he starts talking in sentences. that is my favorite stage!
they say the cutest things and in their mind they are totally on an adult level.
nothing cuter.

Beth said...

I love that little toddling man. He is going to brilliant just like his parents!