monday morning update:

mikey's bottom... it is healing. it isn't all better yet, we're still taking extreme care - but it is so much better. the trick: huggies pure and naturals, sensitive wipes & wash clothes with soap and water, a blow dry treatment, nystatin, plain yogurt and maalox dabbed on his tooshie. one part is frequent changes & not letting him sit on it - which has proven tricky a couple of times when we run into a "not quite done" and then we repeat the whole process 10 minutes later. i say we because it has been a 2 person job. sure, it can be done by one person, but it makes it so much easier if there are 4 helping hands.
meanwhile, mikey LOVES the tree.  he likes to touch the lights. he's really good about just pointing to the ornaments and not pulling on them. sometimes we hear him mutter, "no, no!" while he's looking. he is definitely interested and i wouldn't be surprised if it gets knocked over at some point during the next month, but he's doing really well with it.

he's really starting to use walking as his primary mode of transportation. he's starting more and more to get mad if he falls and has to crawl. [he's still working on figuring out that he can crawl over to something to pull himself up, as standing up on his own is a little tricky. though i do love when he gets stuck on his knees and decides to walk on his knees.]

anyway, i really had a nice weekend. garrett let me sleep in a few mornings - what a treat! and even though there was a lot of nose wiping, we managed to not have too much grumpies and lots of laughter around here. 

i'm so thankful for my boys. they are my greatest treasures. [said as tray-sures, a-la michael d.]


Jan said...

I can totally remember a bottom issue like that (even though it's been a zillion years ago!) -- we actually had to get Natie on oral antibiotics as well as the full regimen you guys are using. So glad he's getting better.

It's fabulous to see them grow but sad too, right?! xoxo

garrett said...

I had a great weekend, too!! I'm getting excited for the full two weeks off for Christmas! Going to be lots of fun with our little guy and hanging out with our little family. And by then, his bottom will be COMPLETELY better. :)

Beth said...

so glad he is doing better. I'm hoping Finn does as well with the introduction of the tree.