i'm getting ready for the holidays

  • we're trying to decide where to put the christmas tree this year. obviously, "mikey's toy corner" isn't an option anymore. he'd knock that thing down every single day [probably all day long] i think over behind the kitchen table where we can use the cage to keep him from getting at it all day long.
  • trying to decide where to put it is making me really want to put it up right now. but i will wait. til next friday.
  • i'm starting to be really excited about holiday treats. pinterest has really been naughty for me as a place to collect food ideas. once thanksgiving is here, i will be making lots of treats. some new experiments. lots of old favorites and goodies.
  • buckeyes. cheeseballs. diarrhea dip. oh my. monkey bread. cheesecake. caramel popcorn. oh my. 
  • i had the idea of starting december 1st making a calendar and plotting to make a treat or something festive every day. that way i'm not overwhelmed the week of christmas. i'm not just making dessert treats, either. i'm talking about favorite soups, delicious breakfasts [that are basically treats in disguise] and other appetizers that i just don't seem to make any other time of year. ham wrapped asparagus spears. a crapload of deviled eggs. this is sort of like our very own advent calendar. i can't wait
  • today we're going to make a list of all of the things that we want to make. it is a whole family affair.
  • i've been reading a lot of good books lately & i can't wait to just wrap up [not by the fireplace cause we don't have one. sad face.] with some hot chocolate and read by the light of the christmas tree. 
  • garrett has 2 weeks off at christmas. we're going to have some movie marathons & great family together time.  mikey will be in heaven having his daddy around all day long for so long. he's even got snow pants now - i can't wait to see how he loves sledding or playing in the snow.
  • i'm craving some puzzles.
  • i'm not trying to rush november away. there's still so much to do. i'm just really enjoying the planning part as of right now. the calendar is quickly filling up and i like that. i love the busy time of year. its a productive time of year for me - i swear, i'm messed up, but when i'm busier i'm much more productive.
  • i've had some really good ideas for gifts for some people. and then others i'm completely blank. i don't like that.
  • christmas cards are brewing in my head, too. this is such an exciting time of year.
  • with all of my food plotting - i'm realizing more and more that i'm going to have to make sure and keep my exercising a high priority or else i'll gain back these 8 pounds that i've lost recently. oh boy.


garrett said...

Some thoughts: I think we'll have to put the tree on a pedestal of some kind so we can still see it and enjoy... maybe Dr Pepper box? I love the advent calendar idea! I love that coming up with what treats to make will be part of our FHE this evening. I can't WAIT for the two weeks off at Christmas!

Jori said...

I can't wait to decorate! You are right pinterest has so many awesome treat ideas! I will try to not think about that fat lady body scan while I shove them down my pie hole.

Aimee said...

i need to hear more about the diarrhea dip

Katey said...

Now I want to do a puzzle! Sheesh. Sure glad to know that I get to be part of that filling up calendar! :)

Holly O. said...

Hayley. Jillian it up!!!!!!!

Sarah Young said...

Diarrhea dip? Dude, I am damaged.