day 4: something green

mikey was wearing his adorable green camo jammies this morning, but garrett went and got him dressed on me. mikey loves tossing the tennis ball around with anyone willing to participate. funny mikey-ism... we've decided he's part wolf. when he's angry, he puts his head back, chest out & howls. tonight, he was also crawling around chanting, "die!" - we're hoping that he doesn't really know what he's saying. he was also having a lot of fun walking across the room tonight. i love that he's really getting the hang of walking. he can stop and catch his own balance if he wants to. mind you, throwing himself at either one of us is still more fun sometimes. but he can do it! i love him. this week, as i've seriously had zero energy and just all around felt like crap - his little self is the one thing making me still smile. this has been a nasty stomach flu!

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