day 16: long exposure

i'm not a photographer. i don't know how to do a long exposure picture. so i'm going with a play on words of sorts. mikey has had a long exposure to books. he loves to sit and look at them himself. we read to him everyday. before bed, we try to read 3 books. the last one we read to him every night is goodnight moon, a favorite and classic. [he loves pointing at the red balloon when he sees it!] i hope that he grows up loving to read. the teacher in me will be so proud, i will feel like i did something right, at least - no matter what. i love his bedtime routine. we take turns - switch off nights, cause i didn't want mikey to get too dependent on either one of us, in case i had book club or something. we make sure he's not thirsty, we brush teeth, we read books. we used to sing some lullabies but haven't been doing that for a while & he's just fine. we lay him down and give him his blankey and stuffed animals. most nights, no tears. i love it. i feel like he's a happy, well adjusted little man. i feel positive about the habits we're helping him form. ok. that's my long exposure... goo' night.


Beth said...

Umm Finn totally loves the red balloon too, but he loves most any kind of circle. With parents like you, he is going to love books.

Amy said...

I love bed time routines:) I think Mkey will grow up loving books like his mommy:) I was so happy tonight to see my 8 year old cuddled up on the couch tonight with her nose in a book! It made my teacher's and mama's heart happy:)