bottom update...

had a little heart to heart with the pediatrician today after a particularly painful diaper change this morning. it left both mikey and i shaking and in tears. his bottom wasn't better & we'd been doing mia's combo mix for 3 days [thanks, mia!] and if anything it was getting worse. dr says it is a yeasty diaper rash that we need to go back to the nystatin and we can also do topical and oral treatments of: yogurt and maalox.

in case anyone is terribly curious as to what his heiny looks like, text me - i'll text you a picture. obviously i'm not putting it on here though. too many pervs in the world. 

i don't feel great about this, but will do it for a few more days. in other good news, his ears are starting to look red, or at least on of them is, so no ear infection now... but in a couple of days, probably. today he had a fever and a green snotty nose.

good news is that the pediatricians office is open friday and saturday mornings like a clinic - first come, first serve. so if we need to, we can go have his ears looked at. again.

i'm exhausted and emotionally drained from a few nights of none of us sleeping well. it is not even 8 & i'm ready to climb in bed and give my back a break from standing in the kitchen making cheesecake and deviled eggs. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 

p.s. garrett added some adorable youtube videos tonight... check it out. 


Jori said...

Poor baby! Poor mama too! I hope his bummy gets better. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Danelle said...

My oldest used to get yeasty diaper rash a lot. We used monistat cream, like for a vaginal yeast infection. Sounds weird but worked like a charm.