behind on picture assignment

i did project 365 for mikey & only had 2 days in that whole year where i had to scramble for a picture. i'm trying to do a one month assignment and i'm about 4 days behind now. i just have not been in the mood to worry about things that i don't need to worry about. 

this is the start of the 3rd week of my back being out. before that we had the stomach flu. before that mikey had an ear infection. needless to say, it has been a rough month or two. when mikey started the roseola fever about a week and a half ago,  he got diarrhea. and really, since then it hasn't gone away. which is a side effect of roseola, but it seems to be lasting longer than normal. at least longer than i'm comfortable with. here's why: his butt has been RAW for a week now.

in the last few days, he's developed 2 sores on his bottom, where the little cheeks rub together. there are other red spots that look like they could turn into sores any minute. garrett has been super helpful about changing diapers because of my back [and he's just typically helpful] so i've not seen some of the bad diaper changes. but when i do change a yucky poop and see how red his bottom gets on top of the bumps and sores, it leaves me queasy. as i type this post, i'm shaking still from a change that i just did. he cringes and shakes when you change him, usually with tears. 

i feel like i've tried everything & nothing is doing anything. here's a list of what we've tried:
  • neosporin
  • lavender
  • nystatin
  • caldesene powder
  • balmex
  • huggies pure and natural - literally the most expensive diapers i have seen!
  • sensitive wipes
  • aquaphor
  • maalox dabs
  • butt paste
  • frequent tubbies
  • oatmeal baths
  • airing out - which doesn't work, he's a scratcher. we learned this the hard way. add scratch marks to an already raw bottom, that does not help things!!!
i feel like i'm at my wits end. any one with suggestions beyond what we've already done??? please, please, please. we've got one little boy who's not happy about his rear end situation and one mom who has sympathy pains.


Mia said...

Make a mixture I do equal parts of each (tiny squeeze from the tube each time): diaper rash cream, anti-fungal cream (athletes foot cream), and hydrcortisone cream (1% or .5%). My step mom is a pharmacist and told me about this. You can call your pharmacist and they can tell you for sure on the hydrocortisone cream. You will have to wash with mild soapy water each time you change his diaper or you are just reinfecting/spreading the germies. It is painfully time consuming, but it should clear up in 2/3 days.

Deb and AJ said...

Your previous comment sounds good. What I have used on my grandkids our vitamin E pills. You cut one end off or poke a pin in it and then put the oil on his little bottom. You probably need more then one pill per change depending on the how bad it is.