mikey & big mike

it really is fitting that mikey is named after his grandpa and his dad. everyone says that mikey looks so much like garrett & he does, don't get me wrong. but he also looks a lot like the baby picture i have of my dad. and he's also got a lot of my dad's little traits. like the red hair. betcha didn't know that my dad was also a redhead as a kid. betcha didn't know that mikey gets his mad drumming skills from his grandpa. betcha didn't know that mikey isn't the first person that could kill me with a dirty look. [i've always said growing up that a stern look from my dad was the worst punishment you could threaten me with.] i know i've said it before, but i love that this little boy is named after my two other favorite men in my life. 

there is a picture of my dad holding mikey when he was less than a week old. one time when we were passing it, i took it down off the wall so mikey could give it a kiss. then he started asking [not in words, but actions - that no mother would not understand] to kiss it often when we walked past it. we also talk to my parents on the phone a lot. and video chat. mikey has now started saying hello ["w'oh?"] and pointing to his ear after seeing that picture of grandpa. he's connecting that picture of grandpa with the video that he talks to and the goofball that he video chats with. i love it. cause i don't love that we don't get to see my parents whenever we'd like. so this makes up for it just a bit.

oh and just so no other grandparents get hurt in the writing of this blog post: mikey loves his grandma, nana and papa. and so do i. :)


jorijepps said...

Wow! Mikey looks alot like your dad. I have always loved the special relationship you have with your dad.

garrett said...

I live this post. I can't wait to see what else he gets from whom as he gets bigger! And he loves no one like he loves his mom! :)