here go, neddie:

i got an email from my mom this morning telling me that she needs some more pictures of mikey. i have been feeling bad. now that "project life - mikey's first year" is over, i've definitely been relaxing about the camera. quite honestly, i haven't had the camera out because a lot of days, there just haven't been that many picture worthy moments. the last few weeks, really - since we've been home from our vacation - have been tough. for mikey and for me. he caught a runny nose while we were up there and somewhere along the way has developed an ear infection. but, like me, he doesn't run fevers...  so his sick behavior has been confusing to us and falsy interpreted as just hornery/fussiness. some days, he just crawls around [if you're really lucky he'll even drag his head because he's exhausted!] kinda grumpy and frustrated. our house is pretty well baby proofed, so when he swats at me and scratches my face, i've backed off and just let him kinda do his thing. it made me sad, but i was dreading that this was just a not so pleasant phase that we're entering into. i didn't want him to have a whole demeanor change but i was trying not to be too negative about it. though, quite honestly, it has been bothering me. there has been a time or two that i shed a tear while complaining to garrett about how this isn't as fun a stage for me, that all of a sudden it all seems like a lot harder work. not that he's been completely rotten, he hasn't. it has just been less pleasant. harder. stressful for me. and now, we realize - more than just teething pain and unpleasantness. so now, i've got a good healthy dose of guilt to deal with. 

my baby should still be napping & probably will once this antibiotic kicks in. he should still be playing with toys. he should still like his momma. he'll stop yelling at me all of the time. i just need to be more in tuned. not feel embarrassed about taking him in to have his ears checked, when he's had a runny nose. he doesn't get fevers, neither do i. i have to remember that. i don't have to just put up with unpleasantness. all in all, we'll get through this. and i'm glad garrett said that i need to take him in yesterday, because i was fighting it. thanks, love.

right now, mikey and i are going to go cuddle up on the couch and watch a show i've dvr-ed from animal planet. this kid is big into "gogs" right now. all animals are dogs - "gogs" and he gets very excited about them. maybe if i'm lucky, he'll go down for a nap later. we'll see. 

and momma, i'll try to be better with posting pictures. xo.

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Heather B said...

Oh Hayley! Those teeth, those cheeks! I just want to kiss him! Don't sweat it about the ear infection. You are an awesome mom. :)