a day of firsts

mikey had a big day today. 
  • he took his first steps back and forth between his daddy and me. he's taken a step or two before to get to something, but never intentionally. today he walked as much as 4-5 steps, but usually was 2-3. 
  • before he stepped, he was holding a book and standing for a good 15-20 seconds. 
  • he shhhh-ed. as in he held his finger up to his mouth and shhh-ed. and my mouth. and garrett's mouth. he saw me do it and immediately caught on. 
  • he blew my mom a kiss while video chatting. completely unassisted. she loved it.
  • he started really milking the waving and saying "hi!" to everyone.
he's completely given up his afternoon naps, but desperately needs his morning nap. [one day last week, i was trying to push his nap of the day to the afternoon & he fell asleep on the floor during lunch. poor kid.] he's now going to bed between 6:30 and 7 and sleeping til 7. personally, i'd rather have him up around 6:30, taking 2 naps and going to bed between 7:30 and 8, but whatever is working for him, i guess. somedays i make him lay in his bed for a little quiet time during what used to be his afternoon nap with some books and music, because he's tired but won't sleep. he'll last for about an hour before he's done there. if you go for a drive in the afternoon, he's out. pretty quickly. he's so tired when he goes to bed that he doesn't even cry usually. if he does cry, he wants whoever didn't put him to bed to go in and love on him a little. [we trade nights so he's used to the routine and not the person so much.] he loves having his teeth brushed. his favorite part is when you brush his tongue. "gogs" are still his favorite, and yes - every animal is currently a gog, and he was ecstatic today when he realized his shirt had a gog on it. he talked about it all throughout the day. i'm so excited for him to start walking now. when he took the first few steps, i was so surprised and excited that i immediately started crying then laughing. i'm not dreading him walking, it is just a big step. he really enjoyed falling into our arms, so the motivation to actually walk was a little distracted. he also really loves holding onto your hands and walking backwards. such a trickster, that boy. we also sat and argued back and forth with "yes" and "no" today. about what, i don't know. i don't think there was a reason. it was cute, because when he says no, he usually really scrunches up his forehead at you. i probably shouldn't encourage his arguing with me. i love this little boy. absolutely and completely. to steal a line from a sappy love song, "every little thing he does is magic." sappy, but true. since figuring out the ear infection last week, me being a little more sensitive to his needs and me not fighting the way it used to be, i'm back to completely enjoying him. wish i had a new picture to post with this, but i didn't break out the camera today. tomorrow...

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garrett said...

He may not be the fastest walker in the world, but he's pretty clever. I love when he learns new things!