almost 13 months

 this is the view of mikey you will mostly see nowadays. unless you can distract him with food offers.
mikey is on the go nowadays, that is for sure. for 6 months, i had this excellent player. the kid didn't move so he sat in his little toy corner and would play for hours on end. now his favorite toys are the gate at the top of the stairs, the high chair and the treadmill. he's fast, too. 

he also loves to walk along the furniture, the walls, you...  he'll stand for a moment or two until he realizes that he's not supported and then he'll grab or fall down. 

he is doing really well if i hand him a book when he goes down for a nap, to distract him from the fact that he gets irate about me leaving him in there alone. he would stand up and scream before i figured out the book trick... thank heavens that is done. 

he went through a week or so before our yellowstone trip that he would cry if he was stuck with me and not garrett. i finally told garrett that he had to be very particular about the times he would come out - because it felt like i was just getting mikey settled and garrett would come out to fill his water bottle and i had to deal with the fit all over again. sometime during our trip, he stopped rejecting me so much and remembered that he loves his momma, too. now, i'd say that his favorite thing to do is have daddy hold him and lean over and give momma kisses.

his kisses are the best thing ever. even open mouthed and drooly.

mikey makes for an interesting work out. i've been doing the shred or the wii fit... and he doesn't know what to think of it, except that if i'm down on the floor, he should be on top of me. or if i'm doing any sort of stepping activity, he should be in between my legs. 

he knows the things that he shouldn't be doing... he starts saying "no no" when he crawls to the gate and stands up, hanging on it. 

he has a toy cell phone. [real phone, not in use] that he holds up to his ear. it is a flip phone & neither of us have had one in his lifetime. how he's figured that out, i don't know.

his teeth have really been hurting the last few days - he's chewing on everything. right now his new birthday links that he got from aunt tiff are his favorite... he's been a lot grumpier than normal, but still a good kid.

i still can't get over how much people stop me in the store to tell me how cute he is. redheads get a lot of attention. smiley redheads - even more. wonderfully adorable, smiley redheads - watch out. you can not get in and out of a store in 20 minutes if there are old ladies around. they all will stop us and smile at him. 

he crawls over to our bedroom door and knocks on it hoping for his dad to answer. kinda melts my heart.
garrett got this 1 year old picture at big springs, in island park on our trip...  could he get any cuter? i think not.
i love my little ginger!

i did forget to mention - mikey loves playing peek-a-boo...  only he says "bap" instead of boo. it is a great game that he can play for a long time. and sometimes even after you are done - he'll still be over saying "bap!" 


garrett said...

You forgot to mention how much he loves playing peek-a-boo! He can really get into it, and laughs so hard when you play with him. I just like that little guy so much!

Katey said...

Your kid is adorable. The end!

Holly O. said...

I love your little ginger too! Do you remember what made Connor crawl? He had to get to the cords under my desk!!! They always want what they can't have. :)