a slew of "dog" pictures

we went to yellowstone with garrett's brothers and parents this last [long] weekend. it was so much fun. we stayed in island park. on the drive up, we stopped at bear world...  which was way cooler than i could've ever expected it to be. garrett's parents were so generous & took us on a feed-the-bears tour. we fed bears. we rode through the park in a truck and then threw food at them. they followed us around and then sat and caught the food that we threw at them. it was amazing. [there was something about babies on this trip that i couldn't get over. probably because of someone named mikey...]
then we drove to rexburg and drove through campus quickly...  talk about a change [growth] from when i was there from 97 - 99. they now have a temple. craigo's no longer has the twisty breadsticks, but they do have some delicious gourmet pizza. and there are tons of homes, apartments, restaurants - that place is huge compared to the last time i was there. and yet, when i walked into the gas station - still small town, friendly country folk. that did my heart good.
yellowstone was gorgeous as always. we drove all over the park. we didn't see any moose or bears in the park, but everyone saw moose at big springs [a place about 5 miles down the road from the island park condo] and we saw bears at bear world. mckay spotted some bald eagles flying over a river. we saw plenty of buffalo and some elk herds. it was a great time. 
yesterday morning, the day we were leaving, everyone was sleeping in a little bit. well, everyone without small children. we'd contained mikey in our room without toys for about an hour and had pretty much maxed out our happy before breakfast time, so we decided to jump in the car and drive up to big springs. i was the only one who hadn't seen moose in the wild yet & it was my last chance. so we jumped in the car. and we hit the jackpot. we didn't even get to big springs before we found one moose on the side of the road. watching her for about 10 minutes, all of a sudden i spotted 3 more moose off in the distance coming straight at us. the four of them sat and played right behind our car - less than a bus length away for about a half hour before they crossed the road and went into the other trees. i was beside myself with excitement. mikey was too - he'd look out the window and say "gog!"

the only thing that i was excited about while driving home yesterday was sleeping in my own bed. so, i don't want to force anyone to watch our videos...  so i will provide links in another post. you can watch them if you please. [also, i'd like to credit garrett with these pictures... he took 99% of them.]

p.s. mikey calls all animals dogs. or "gog" in mikey tongue. kinda melts my heart.


garrett said...

Seriously, everyone should see the moose videos. If not for the moose, than to hear how excited Mikey gets at seeing the "gogs." This is a great post. It was a great vacation!

Kristin Jones said...

What a fun trip! Your pics are great!!

jorijepps said...

What an awesome trip! I haven't been to Yellowstone in ages. Your pictures are fabulous! Bear world looks super cool too! Glad you had fun. :)

Beth said...

So glad it was a fun trip! Great pics of all the gogs Garrett.