not everyone has an iphone...

i'm a huge dork. i know it. but one of my favorite things in yellowstone is to find as many license plates as possible. and having an iphone - it makes it much easier [holly, that is a dig...] to make notes as you go. [holly, also note that this is an instagram picture....'nother dig.]

here's the states that we saw. if there is an h after - i spotted it. if there is a g - garrett. mind you, he was driving & i was scouting. but i do feel good about myself for seeing so many! and i took the hawaii picture because mikey was asleep at the lower falls & garrett wasn't with me as i drove around the parking lot & hit the hawaiian jackpot. i didn't want him to think i made it up, so a picture was taken.

  1. Alaska -h
  2. Arkansas -h
  3. Washington -h
  4. Montana -h
  5. Colorado - g
  6. California - h
  7. Oregon - h
  8. Nebraska - h
  9. Illinois -h
  10. Arizona -h
  11. Florida -h
  12. Minnesota - h
  13. Pennsylvania - g
  14. Wisconsin - h
  15. Kentucky -h
  16. Maryland -h
  17. Tennessee - h
  18. Texas - h
  19. New York - h
  20. Missouri - h
  21. South Dakota -h
  22. Oklahoma - h
  23. South Carolina - h
  24. North Dakota - h
  25. Ohio - h
  26. West virginia - h
  27. Louisiana - h
  28. Kansas - h
  29. Massachusetts - h
  30. Iowa-h
  31. Hawaii - h
  32. Virginia - h
  33. North Carolina- h
  34. Michigan - h
  35. Maine - h
  36. New Mexico - h
  37. Indiana- g
  38. Vermont - h
  39. New jersey -h
  40. Mississippi -h
  41. Utah - Deb (Thanks for the reminder!!)


Holly O. said...

How does an iphone make finding plates easier? Seriously.

Hayley said...

holly... to make notes as you go... that is what i said.

Deb and AJ said...

You forgot your own UTAH!

Amy said...

Those Hawaii people sure drove along way:)

Holly O. said...

Right, to make notes, but why is making (although I would prefer to say taking) notes easier on your phone than it is on my Droid X? Hmmmmmm? I mean, before I smashed it to high hell, of course.

garrett said...

You were pretty impressive finding all those plates! This was a fun trip!