monday morning babbles

  • mikey crawled over to the little bookshelf/entry table that we have at the top of the stairs today and pulled out the scrapbook that shawnie made for us for our wedding - a guest sign in book.
    • hunter and hannah signed every single page.
    • connor's name is spelled wrong. which made me do the wicked laugh cause holly's had problems with people spelling his name wrong. whoever helped him clearly hadn't been briefed.
    • lots of people spelled my name wrong. awesome. sadly, i don't care as much as i probably should - that is because people have been spelling my name wrong since FOREVER.
    • i loved looking back at those [skinnier] pictures of myself and remembering that while heavier than i would've liked to have been, i didn't have that fat of a face and that for my current goals, i don't have to lose that much weight to lose some of the fat face that i loathe right now.
    • i also loved looking back at the messages people wrote.
  •  since getting a new dishwasher, i have somehow been inspired to stay on top of the dishes, the kitchen, even enjoyed cooking just a little bit more. it is amazing to me that a dishwasher that i feel loads just a little bit more is prompting me to keep a cleaner kitchen.
  • this weekend, garrett installed child safety hooks on the cabinets. i hate them, but i feel that they are necessary to keep mikey out of trouble. what cracks me up is that everytime garrett and i open a lower cabinet now, we both scowl. i wonder how long it'll take us to start remembering that they're there.
  • mikey's all of a sudden really enjoying being rocked for a few minutes before sleep. interesting how such a little change can make such a big difference. 
  • he also hasn't figured out that if he gets himself sitting up or standing up in bed, he could get himself back down. but his cries turn to screams and then we can just go in there and lay him back down and he's fine. crazy kid. 
  • i got a haircut a few weeks ago and the girl thinned it out for me - i still can't get over how skinny my ponytail is and how much i love a good haircut.
  • 7 teeth. that is his total right now. i love brushing them. 
  • dry skin is ugly.
  • i went to the grocery store this morning with super crusty yoga pants on. and no makeup. and crazy bed head. and of course saw someone from the ward. 
  • i just made a batch of cafe rio [really, chuy's] dressing and am now salivating in the sink as i load the dishwasher. i can't wait for a big plate of salad at lunch. green leaf lettuce, parmesan cheese, hard boiled egg, and sunflower seeds...  and lots of dressing.
  • i went through and re-organized my boards and pins on pinterest & i'm finding that i like the site a whole lot more. seriously, whoever came up with that idea is a genius! it really makes me want to move into a bigger house... our house now is more about functionality than good decorating. i might actually look like i have some taste if i got into a house with a little more space someday. all thanks to pinterest. 
  • time to go shower. miguelito is sleeping. this is precious time, people. precious.


garrett said...

Now I want to go see that guest book! And I hope I remember those safety hooks, too. Crazy how much one tiny person can change the way a whole house functions.

Holly O. said...

You are so wild and crazy. Who's handwriting was it helping Connor? Please scan so I can check it out and punish whoever it was.

Amy said...

I hate looking at old skinny pictures. Bubba saw an old one and said to me, "is that my mom?" Nice.
Raia is my first baby to get into the cupboards and you reminded me that I need to get safety hooks. Drives me crazy.
I love pinterest and I
Love your brain:)