mikey's birthday banner + birthday party prep

yes. i know. cutest damn birthday banner you've ever seen.
 please, people - contain yourselves. no you can not eat him for dinner. [he's mine!]
 ...a close up on a few of my absolute favorites...

a few things:
  • yes, i realize the banner is up over a week early. i don't care. it probably won't be coming down september 12th, either. i love it.
  • i got the pattern pieces over on sprik space. [if you haven't discovered aimee yet, you are really missing out. she's talented, genuinely nice and she shares!!!]
  • we had a lot of fun using glitter glue.
  • thanks to garrett for stringing up and hanging the banner.
  • i got the idea from this website [sorry holly and aimee, i can't remember where i found the idea, but i'm pretty sure it was from one of you.]
  • birthday party plans are in full developmental swing. i'm so excited
  • holly designed the invitations for me & i absolutely love them. a copy will be included in project life. i will share the invitation on his birthday with pictures from his birthday party.
  • speaking of project life, as of yesterday morning, i was 5 months behind in journaling in the real book. that was very overwhelming. yesterday, i knocked out 2 months. i can spend a few more naps and evening hours and get caught up. i have a goal to have his book as complete as possible for his birthday, so people can look at it while they're visiting. garrett and i might be the only ones interested, but it is important to me to have ready.
  • i can not believe mikey is almost 1 year old. this year has FLOWN by. i have loved every non NICU moment of it, too. this baby is such a blessing.


Kristin Jones said...

That banner is ridiculously cute!!

jorijepps said...

That seriously is the coolest banner ever! You are right, the year has flown. Can't wait to see his part pics! :)

Holly O. said...

Oh me, oh my. So cute.

garrett said...

Hooray for Mikey! I like that banner. Gonna be a great birthday party!

Aimee said...

That is the cutest damn birthday banner I've ever seen! GREAT job!! :) I gave you a shout-out on the Sprik Space FB page.

Katey said...


That's me crying about the fact that I won't be there to celebrate! That banner is just plain adorable though. Miss you guys!

Tori said...

That banner is SO cute!! He is one cute kid. Sorry we won't be able to make it for his birthday party. :( Wish we could. We will be up on the 18th so we'll give him birthday love then.

Jamie said...

He going to think you are the coolest mom ever (when he gets to an age that he cares about that stuff). I can't believe he is one. He is the cutest thing ever