the first birthdaty wrap up

let's start with the food: chips, salsa & guac as apps. then we had salad, mac & cheese and sliders. cake and cupcakes.
some random birthday faces from the night. you can see he was super tired. thank heavens he was still sweet, cause he was going on less than an hours nap all day long. it could've been a very ugly night. but he's a big one year old tough kid.
 eating his cupcake(s) - at first he didn't know to eat it. he just played with it, but then he figured it out and ENJOYED IT.
he had a great time opening presents & giving thank you kisses. he got some new toys and some new outfits. we had a great time celebrating with our family! thank you everyone for the gifts - we're enjoying everything!

at mikey's 1 year well baby check up this morning, he didn't even flinch at the finger prick to check for anemia [he's not anemic] and even though we waited a while and he was getting tired, he was a happy, cheerful boy. but then it came time for shots and he took the first one with only giving a dirty look to the nurse. but then, he started doing the "I'M IN PAIN!" cry and i had to concentrate not to cry with him.

birthday stats:   weight: 22 lbs 3 ounces - 45th percentile. length: 29.6 inches - 45th percentile. head: 46.3 centimeters - 45th percentile. so he's growing, but slowing down from where he was in the beginning [98th percentile from the 2-4 month marks...] and that is good. 

i sure do love my birthday boy. i can't believe it has been a year. i know everyone says it, but time really does fly. cause we are having fun. i love this boy. he is really starting to crawl, too. and he is not far from walking either.


Holly O. said...

Such a fun party! I think you forgot to post your favorite picture of the night, though.

garrett said...

I think he had a great time, and everyone had a blast! You did some great planning, love. Happy birthday to Mikey boy!

Katey said...

That is an excellent cupcake eating picture montage. I love it!!