today's my dad's birthday. my grandpa wrote on his facebook wall this morning & it made me cry. here's what he said:
"Our dear son... It dosn't seem possible that it is your 65th BD today. Only yesterday we greeted our firstborn as a newborn. And all through the years we have been proud of you. So many reasons for that pride. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I remember them. A little boy at his first day of school.. so confident and proud. A big boy who kneeled in the sealing room and was sealed to his eternal love. The loving son who calls often to check on his old and feeble parents. The man who sees nothing as important as filling his role as a father and grandfather, willing to sleep on the floor with them, write the annual birthday letter, and all the other things that make you so special in their hearts. I could go on and on, but all it would do is make me cry. We send our eternal love to you. Dad."
The funny thing about this is that my dad doesn't do facebook...  this post might be the only place he sees what my grandpa wrote. which is part of the reason why i'm sharing it - to help the old guy out. but my grandpa is right - there are so many reasons to be proud of the man that he is, way more than i will list... i know he is incredibly special to each and every one of his daughters and his wife. we're all so lucky to have him in our lives. dad, thanks for being the kind of dad that i would want to name my son after you to constantly have that example & reminder of what he should grow up to become!
 happy birthday, dad!!!


garrett said...

Happy birthday, Mike! Mikey does have some big shoes to fill, but we'll do our best to keep him on the right track. Thanks for being such a good example to your daughters, and a wonderful grandpa to your grandchildren! Hope your day is a very happy one!

Suzie said...

Now that is something special.