his piggies

there is something wrong with how much i like these piggies. i am not a foot person. i used to write people off if they had horrible feet. i used to scream if someone's feet touched me. i've gotten over that, but still [living in hawaii will do that to a person, you can't avoid bare feet there]. these feet though -  i kiss on these piggies way more than is normal. i kiss the tops and the bottoms. i like their smell. i like that he wiggles his toes soooooo much. i like that he pushes down on this lip when he's eating if i take too long with the next bite. i like how pudgy they are. that like that they're googly, but getting un-googled a little. i like 'em. i like 'em. i like 'em.


Tori said...

So I'm catching up on your blog. I really need to do better. My girls would get a kick of the UP! house. Mikey is too cute for words. His 10 month pics are very cute! And your 4th post is fun. :) My girls love their Aunt Hayley! Miss you all and hopefully we'll see you for FHE this month.

Elizabeth Ward said...

I could eat me some of those piggies too.

Amy said...

I love little bay feet too! There is just somethin' about'em. I laughed when you mentioned barefeet hawaii!