wilbur's revenge

yesterday we went to famous daves with garrett's parents and brother for lunch. which is fun in and of itself. but the reason why i'm posting about it is because mikey got some super hot spicy wing sauce and lived to tell. but he can't talk yet, so i'm telling. it all started when garrett ordered the absolute hottest wings they have to offer. they were called "wilbur's revenge" and had 6 hot peppers next to them. for scale, their buffalo wings only had 2 peppers. and the buffalo wings had kick to them, they surely weren't mild.

now, let me tell you that i've never seen garrett get stumped with hotness in food. you should sample his "mild' hot salsa that he makes. it burns. i can't handle the hot stuff. and i like spicy too. momma likey buffalo wings.

when his wings came, garrett started sweating. they were hot. he ate 3 total before he couldn't take it anymore. he put one on my plate so that i could see how how they were. i got some sauce on my finger and tasted it and said, "get that off my plate, i'm not eating it!" it made my eyes water. so he did. i wiped up my plate with my napkin. but i didn't get it all gone because i also had mikey grabbing at my silverware constantly & i was slightly distracted with that. 

well, i had been sharing my pineapple with mikey. the pineapple was right next to the spot that garrett put his wing nugget o' fiery hell. i cut him off a little piece and gave it to him, forgetting that my plate had wilbur's revenge still on it.

the next thing i know, mikey's face is bright red, his eyes are watering & his mouth is puckered as he kinda looks around the table whining a little bit. he didn't cry. he's a tough kid. i gave him a few ice cubes to chew on and made a mental note in my own little "DCFS tales" journal that i've always threatened holly with. i felt awful.


Holly O. said...

Oh good. We're both tracking it. That way we won't miss anything.

garrett said...

He was so tough! I felt so bad. And for the record, I tried the 5 star sauce, and it wasn't bad at all. That scale was more than slightly askew... But I'm proud of Mikey boy and excited that he might like hot stuff like his mom and dad. :)

Katey said...

"DCFS tales", I love it!!

This made me think of the Modern Family Episode where Cam goes to dinner with Gloria and orders the same thing as her and keeps eating it even though its burning hot and he is sweating up a storm! Haha!

What a little trooper Mikey is though. Hopefully his endurance of the hot stuff really will translate to the like of spicy that Garrett is assuming he will have :)

Beth said...

Oh my goodness!I might have laughed a little at Mikeys expense, but how coudln't I when he just toughed it out. Oh my goodness kid...I love you!

Heather said...

Glad he lived through that, poor kid!