we had a lovely independence day!

 mikey and all of his cousins [that are born so far... one more on the way.]
 you can see how beautiful she is here, but you just can't understand how adorable she is until you talk to her. last night i heard her offer to babysit mikey for us... goodness. i love her.
 we were posing. looking at these pictures bring on a new level of disgust with my fatness. but i won't go into that here...  i'm supposed to just be reminiscing about a nice holiday.
 rylie was lovin' on mikey. it was sorta a hard day for him. he missed out on a nap and then had to stay up 3 hours later than normal. we're making up for lost naps today!
thanks, nana for the shirt!


Kristin Jones said...

That last picture of Mikey is super cute!

Amy said...

so cute! Holidays can be horrible for schedules:)