mikey-isms that are especially endearing to me today

  • when i sneeze a couple times, mikey watches with a half grin. then says "whoa!" at the end of it all.
  • tilting his head to his shoulder... for no apparent reason. just figured out that he can.
  • when he gets nervous about what i'm eating, because i'm not sharing with him - he puts his hands to his ears.
  • when i do share & he is enjoying my morning bowl of cereal with him, he flaps his hands a bunch.
  • pointing and reaching. the best is the one handed reach when he wants to be picked up.
  • the expression and blinks he gives a toy when it is beyond his reach. but it has his attention.
  • how ticked off he gets at the last bite of his meal. how does he know?
  • when he knocks a toy beyond his reach and he raises his eyebrows at it, as if to say, "hey, come back."
  • the grunts, the leaning forward, the leg straigtening...  basically working on a pooper with no privacy. 
  • how when i hand him something, if i get all excited about it and talk in a high pitched voice and say "what is this?" he'll do a high pitched growl at it. even if it is the same tube of hydrocortizone that he gets at every diaper change. 
  • every time i go to get him out of his crib, he's always got his feet in his hands. 
  • how he hates the plastic lined bibs. he always yanks on them. sometimes they come off and then he sits and plays with them some more so proudly. he doesn't tug a non plastic lined one.
  • while nursing, i'll tickle the small of his back or his side. he will sit and giggle. sometimes, depending on how tired he is, he'll try to swat my hand away. or he'll try not to laugh about it. other times, i haven't tickled him and he starts giggling. it is his way of asking me to play. 
  • even when the water at the pool is cold enough to keep me from going in, he just takes a deeeeeeeeeeeeep breath and enjoys it all the same. talk about one relaxed little boy.
  • how he tries so hard to take off hats. his little orange baseball cap, he can get off almost immediately. his bucket hat is trickier, although he has gotten it off a few times. thank heavens for that chin strap!
  • how his feet can get just a faint odor of stinky feet that probably only my super human nose can smell but they are still my favorite feet in the world and i love kissing them. 
  • how the hungrier and/or tireder he is, the closer i need to be for him to play with toys. right before a nap, i usually just sit down right next to him. but if he is well rested and fed, i can leave him in his little play area to play and go about my business for a long time!
  • how he sits and rocks/bounces when he wants to go somewhere. oh, if only he figured out that he could get his move on. but until then, i'll let the crumbs in my kitchen sit a day longer and i won't have to worry about a stair gate... 
  • ONE LAST LATE ENTRY - how mikey won't feed himself, he'll lean into what i'm trying to give him, but it has to be my hands that put the food in his mouth, not his. but he'll use the back of his wrist to make sure that what got put in stays in... killer. this couldn't be left off the list.
my list could go on and on. all of these examples were at the tip of my writing tongue just now. i didn't have to stop and think about any of them. i love being this boy's momma.  it is a dream come true.


garrett said...

I love him. I smiled reading all of those, thinking of each time I've seen it.

Beth said...

I could picture him doing all of his little mikey-isms, and it just made me want to come and play in his toy area with him even more! We will come and have a play date sometime next week if that works for you.