hogwarts math

so, i'm reading harry potter - the whole series - right now. i'm at the end of 3. yesterday, for some reason, i started thinking as i was reading about how many kids are at hogwarts. i was thinking about it and reading at the same time. trying to do too many things at the same time. 

here's my mentality:

5 boys joined Gryffindor the year Harry did. Probably about 5 girls joined, too...  Although, I can only think of Hermione, Lavender & Parvati. 

So about 10 new kids per house each year. 4 houses. 7 years. What I really meant to say was "7 times 4 is 28, right?" keep in mind that i'm still reading as i'm doing this mental math. but what came out was: "what's 4 times 10?" in a yell. so really, it was, "WHAT'S 4 TIMES 10?" garrett didn't even skip a beat before he yelled right back at me "FORTY!"

we both laughed so hard. in fact, i laughed so hard i drooled. the way it came out of me, garrett knew that it was a mistake, but he couldn't help but give me some sh!t about it.

what is wrong with me? poor mikey. his mom is a loon. 

p.s. i highly recommend what i'm doing. reading all of the books again. after i finish each book, i watch the movie. and move on. i am loving it. it might become a summer tradition.

here's a little picture i just found when i google searched "hogwarts" images...

oh and this post by my friend, jori - LOVED IT.


jorijepps said...

I'm listening to them all right now. I LOVE Jim Dale. You and Garrett crack me up. :)

Suzanne said...

I'm so glad someone else tried to do the math on this. It doesn't seem to work out right to me.
4 houses X 10 kids X 7 years = 280 kids
But it seems like there should be a lot more kids than that from some of the things Rowling writes and definitely from the visuals in the movies. Oh, well.

Amy said...

You are so funny! I can picture the scene now! I was just thinking about rereading Harry Potter, must be inspired by the final movie, huh!

kate said...

Hey! Our new blog address is:

Hope you're having a great summer!


Sarah Young said...

Those are some seriously deep thoughts there Jack Handy... ;)