do not read if you haven't seen the movie.

see how tricky i am, not even telling you what movie? you should know. you just should.

seriously. if you haven't seen the movie. don't read this post. i'm not giving you anymore warnings.  come back and chime in when you've seen it.

i can't believe it is all over. i was going to wait to see it for a week or so, to miss all of the crazies. but then everyone on facebook was seeing it and it made my skin crawl. i've never been patient. and then we accidentally got tickets for friday, instead of saturday. i wasn't disappointed. i loved the movie. it was very well done.

my friend posted about her thoughts on the movie. i'm copying and pasting my comments to her post. she was kind enough to just include her thoughts in her comments. so as not to spoil it for anyone. i'm not so kind.  here's what i said: 

*i loved mcgonagall... i cried pretty much in every scene - everything she said. i leaned over to garrett & said that the teacher in me has always loved her so much.

*i loved hermione & ron's kiss.

*i didn't like the voldefetus thing. i don't remember it from the book & it was icky.

*i loved neville taunting the death eaters/bad guys on the bridge. i loved him all along. that little orphan always had a soft spot in my heart.

*i think they could've shown a little more about what a jerk james potter was to severus snape.

*i also didn't like how frumpy ginny was at the end. and i loved ron's gut. happens to the best of us, weasley!

*i'm sad that it is all over. i can't wait to see it again. probably in theaters - for sure before mikey was born, but it will be pre-ordered on amazon, FOR SURE!!!

this movie has prompted me to read all of the books again. and as i finish the book, i'm going to watch the movie. we'll see how long this takes me - will i watch #7.2 in the theater again or at home on dvd? i'll let you know.

now, it is getting late & i'm going to go climb into my bed and start on chamber of secrets again.


Holly O. said...

Even Kevin said after, "I love how they gave Ginny a mom haircut in that last scene." If Kevin noticed bad hair, it must have been bad. I thought it was appropriate. They ARE English. And almost 40.

Holly O. said...

Things that got me:
1. I loved the soldier things that came to protect Hogwarts. For some reason, it got me thinking about angels protecting the temples. I know, freaky. But still.
2. I always love the light vs. dark. Literally. The light bubble that everyone cast up to protect Hogwarts.
3. I love that Dumbledore called Harry a wonderful boy. Chocked me right up.
4. I loved when Ginny stepped out to stand with Harry with Parkinson, that bitch from Slytherin, shouted she wanted to turn Harry into to you know who. And then everyone stepped out.
5. I actually liked how they didn't dwell too much on who died in the final scenes. The emotion was there without seeing it all happen.
6. I kind of missed the whole Harry and Ginny raising Remus's son thing.
7. And also a mention of Professor Longbottom. I missed that too.
8. The scene where Lily is telling baby Harry that he is loved and all that jazz got me Sappy Holly real fast.

I'm trying to remember what else. I didn't cry as much as I thought I would. It was weird.

Hayley said...

oh yeah, holly. i'm crying right now remembering Lily telling Harry how loved he is. that's how much that got to me!!! [biggest nerd ever.]

i liked how they handled the deaths, too.

ginny protecting harry was great. she's always been a tough girl, that's why i don't like the frumpy mom haircut. i like to imagine that ginny would still be tough. even at 40.

Holly O. said...

You can be tough and fumpy at 40.

Danelle said...

Saw it last night. Loved it to bits! I loved McGonagal too! Cute when she got giddy saying "I always wanted to use that spell" about having the soldier things protect the school.

Kristin Jones said...

I've been saving this post in my reader until I watched, and we finally saw it last night! So good...what a great ending.

Jori said...

Holy crap! I can finally comment on this post. I have watched Harry 4 times since Friday. Time to re read the series. My favorite parts:

1. When Harry steps out of the crowd and the Order of the Phoenix comes in the back. Love when McGonagall steps out to protect Harry.
2. When everybody steps in front of Harry, they show McGonagall and she looks so touched.
3.love when McGonagall is so excited about casting the protective spells.
4. Love that Neville and Molly are big heroes.
5.happy they didn't have the big death scenes. That is part of why I didn't rush to the theater, I was afraid it would be too emotional.

It was SO awesome!