the sleeps

so... mikey goes to bed without crying most of the time now. here's a little confession: i nursed him to sleep and handed him to garrett who would go put him down up until a few weeks ago. but he did it great and why mess with something that works? i don't care what the books said, i liked it. lately, he's tired but not asleep and instead of letting him sit there til he nurses himself to sleep, we started putting him to bed. he figured it out. sure, there were a few nights where he cried for an hour. but now, he usually cries for about 5 minutes or less and is out. 

here's another confession. up until two weeks ago, he'd really only nap in his swing or on me or in the car. i know, i know, i'm a horrible mom. so horrible i let my baby sleep on me. but all too often when i put him in his crib, he'd cry. and i forgot that i could just let him cry about it and figure it out, so i'd get him. we made it work. sometimes his naps got cut short cause i really had to pee... but we both survived. finally, i had garrett take down the swing so i couldn't give in and wimp out. the first day, he cried for over an hour during his morning nap and didn't sleep at that time. he didn't cry too long for his afternoon nap that day... and since then... barely a cry. sometimes some wimpers. sometimes he gets mad when i put him down and he lets me know it - but he's sleeping for 2-3 hours at a time now. 

it is fabulous. why didn't i figure this out before? not going to lie though - some days i really miss him while he's sleeping the morning or afternoon away. and i'm glad he's adjusted so well so quickly... cause when he does cry - it puts me on edge. i really like that kiddo. and the mom who i thought i was going to be - the kinda mom that says, "i can handle that baby crying" - well, she doesn't really exist. your baby can cry all day & it wouldn't stress me out one bit. but mine? goodness... no thank you.


Amy said...

I think it is so funny when you realize that the mom you though tyou were gonna be doesn't really exist:) I know I have eaten my words more than once. Babies have a way of changing us:)

garrett said...

I'm so glad he's a good sleeper now! ...most the time ;)