i wonder if my bath is going to be as fun as his was... probably not.

today was a hard day for mikey. he's got 7 teeth that look like they could break through any day.[3 on the bottom & 4 across the top!] he fought naps. he cried miserable, painful cries. he looked at both of us like, "why? why can't you fix this?" he wasn't awful all day. but his low moments were pretty pathetic. [for the record, now that my hormones are back under control, i was fine...] we snuggled a lot. i tried real hard to just do whatever he wanted.

when it was time for him to get his tubby and get ready for bed, we were prepared to rush through it. but then garrett called me in for me to see how much fun he was having. so i sent him out to finish his dinner [we were eating in shifts, in order to accommodate a needy boy] while i sat with him. next thing we knew, garrett was recording the splashing. i don't know if you can see how low the water is. but we start his tubby out practically full. 

here's a video of him playing in the tubby tonight. or as i like to think of it his happiest moments of the day: 

and right now, he is in there screaming. if i didn't know there wasn't, i would think someone was in there pinching him. that's how pathetic his cries are. another half hour of this & i might be in the closet in the fetal position, rocking and sucking my thumb. 

oh & in another totally unrelated matter.  2 workouts in one day. we did the jillian michaels 30 day shred dvd workout that i got last week from amazon for $7 this morning. i sweat like a banshee. then this afternoon, kimmy and i went for our walk. again, i sweat like a banshee. i'm kinda proud of myself. and garrett. [and kimmy.]


Paige Goepfert said...

great video!!! what a sweet boy you have. I would have never guessed he was about to get so many teeth.

Kristin Jones said...

Teething is the worst. Hang in there!

Beth said...

oh mikey! He's totally stoked to be in the tub...i'm glad he had some happy moments despite those dang teeth. And Rock on for double workout...you guys are awesome!