• i have lived in utah for 10 years now. [i never thought i'd end up here. but i'm pretty sure i won't be moving anytime soon. and i'm ok with that. teenage hayley would not have agreed.]
  • i have lived in my house for almost 7 years. [when i moved in, i couldn't imagine outgrowing this place. when we move out, it will be to a much needed upgrade.]
  • i have been a wife for over 2 years [time flies when you're having fun, right? honestly - marriage is better than i envisioned, before i met garrett of course.]
  • i quit teaching almost a year ago. [9 years is a long time to do something and then quit cold turkey. i miss it - my friends, the kids - but not the work. no, i'm not going back. i would if we needed me to, but we don't so i'm not.]
  • i have been a mom for almost 9 months. [more nervous than i expected of myself, but it is even better than i expected it to be, too.]
i am happier than i dreamed of 10 years ago. i'm chubbier than i dreamed of, too. oh well. happiness trumps chubbiness. [but still - i'm working on the chubbs.]


Holly O. said...

In another 10 years, you will have lived in West Jordan longer than Hoffman Estates. Chew on that.

Beth said...

I'm glad you made your way to UT, and I'm glad we've been friends for almost 2 years of that time too!

Amy said...

Yes! That needs to be my new quote! "happiness trumps chubbiness!"
I miss parts of teaching too, but I am happy to be a stay at home mom, though teaching sped was way easier:)
I never wanted to live in Utah either, but now I kind of wish I did.:)

garrett said...

Glad I've been around for lots of those things.