my first mother's day

garrett got up and made me chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. and served it to me with a new charm from james avery. it is a charm i've always wanted. he totally surprised me, too. it made me cry. we went to church & when we got home, garrett made lunch. we lazed the afternoon away with napping, playing and me playing with my new cookbooks and recipe organizer. then i whipped up my food for dinner with garrett's family. we went over to his parents' house to celebrate mother's day & family night. when we got home, we put mikey to bed and settled in to watch some tv together. when i was craving a treat, garrett made some killer nachos. i don't know how many times i heard, "can i do anything for you?" yesterday. it was a very special day and i will remember it always. with garrett - every day is special, though. he spoiled me and took care of me yesterday, but he does everyday. i felt honored, but i do everyday. and i wouldn't have it any other way.

i did enjoy snuggling my baby yesterday. i enjoyed changing diapers. i enjoyed calming a tired, fusser. i enjoyed getting him up from his nap, when his smile is just so big. i enjoyed every minute of it. i am so glad i'm a mom. it is a blessing. it is a treat. i love my baby. i love my husband. i love my family.

thank you, garrett. for loving me. for making me a mom.


garrett said...

I'm glad you had a good day!!! Love you so much. Thanks for being a great mom to Mikey!

Heather B said...

Aw, your post almost made me cry! You are an awesome mom Hayley. And I don't just say that to anybody. I love, love that new picture of you and Mikey. So cute!

Jori said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful day! Your boys are very sweet!

Holly O. said...

I want to munch on Mikey in that picture.