growing up

last night garrett and i had a little "come to jesus" talk about a few things. no, we have not been fighting. no, we are not struggling with getting along. 

it was more about how we're living our life. planning for the future. how we sometimes don't act like adults about certain things.  both of us are still sometimes caught in the ol' singles days habits. 

we want to do better. as garrett put it - we need to grow up. we're parents now. we need to stop being compulsive about silly things and make responsible decisions.

i am going to do better. i'm going to try so hard to stop being lazy about the things that i am being lazy about. i've been really good about talking big... but putting those things into action. not so much. when i quit working, almost a year ago, i made a list of daily "chores" that i would do throughout the week. sadly, i'm confessing here that i have never once followed the list. sure the jobs get done most weeks eventually. but i've been very undisciplined. maybe i need to revamp that list. i don't know. but i want to start doing this simple little thing. i used to [tooting of my own self horn here] be an amazingly, productive teacher. i met deadlines, i succeeded. i just need to find my homemaking groove. 

in our talk, we decided to make some cut backs. because we're trying to be more grown up. do we need a dvr? not during the summer. so, we're going to get rid of it for the summer and see how we feel about it in the fall. we might be over our shows. we might be done with letting the tv rule our evenings. i kinda hope so. besides saving money, i know this is going to lead us to a more productive, healthy lifestyle. do we need jumbo cell phone plans? no. do we need netflix? yes. because we have a very basic plan already and we don't want to go into depression and deprivation. do we need 2 cars? maybe not. 

we have two houses. if we ever want to be able to put a down payment on another house after we sell a few of the ones we have - we need to just be better.

the biggest thing we are planning on doing: stop eating out. i'm a big fat lazy butt way too often. even if it means we resort to a frozen pizza, we will not be frequenting the in n out anymore. i might cry sometimes, but i will survive.

so garrett, i shared these thoughts because i want to have it written down. so if we start to slip up or indulge again, we can look back and remember some of the things we're feeling right now. i pledge to do better. for you, for mikey, for our future.


garrett said...

Hurray! I don't think it will be too hard, just a change we have to actually make. Time to grow up. :) (...and maybe an emoticon smiley face isn't grown up, but maybe someday I'll get there.)

Jori said...

It's so hard isn't it? We need to do better too, we eat out WAY too much. That is so bloody much money, not to mention more jiggle on my arse. My house is never completely pulled together. Parts are clean but never all at the same time.Thank you for the inspiration. You certainly do need netflix! I want to dump cable, and just watch Netflix. It's only 8.00 after all. Good luck! Ryan and I are following Drew Careys weight loss plan. It is working great so far. Have a great long weekend!

Beth said...

It's hard growing up, but life has a way of helping you out...at least for us it has. You'll do Awesome, you are already far more grown up then us in a lot of ways!

Katey said...

Growing up is hard to do. I'm still working on it!! Best of luck in getting your ducks in a row where you want them :)

Heather said...

I could/can/sometimes do cut eating out completely out. BUT no DVR? I don't know Hayley :) But I don't let TV rule my night, it is convenient though. Summer is a great time to dump it for a while good thinking!