weekend update o' fatness

turns out - mikey has hand, foot and mouth disease. i knew it wasn't just a heat rash. when he started throwing up on thursday, i called garrett in a panic. took him to the dr that afternoon, and he was diagnosed. apparently he has/had about 10 sores in his throat. which would explain the wierd face he'd been making for a few days. i think it was his throat hurting... the dr said he was in a lot of pain, that we needed to be patient with him. patience hasn't been a problem though. through all of this - mikey has been pretty wonderful. maybe a little more needy - wanting to be held at times instead of put down with toys, but not super fussy. you can tell he's not feeling great, but he's a trooper. sure, we've indulged him and held him, but really - when don't we?
garrett did a huge project for me on saturday. he took the love sac that was in our living room over to store at his parents & bought, built and organized mikey's toy corner for me. it was a little vision that i'd been brewing up in my head. i'm thrilled with it all. then today, my mom called and said that she thought the shelves were on sale now at target... so as soon as i can, i'm going to get a price adjustment. garrett worked all during conference on saturday, ran errands in between the sessions. he also cleaned/sanitized all of mikey's toys, which was necessary because of the coxsackie.
garrett got an iPad. he's in love. i'm in love. mikey's in love. here's a video of him enjoying the new little piano we downloaded. plus, the screen/camera is even bigger for him to sit and look at himself in. we got the iPad for a few reasons... to facetime when garrett travels, for an e-reader, as a portable movie player for the little dude eventually. but mainly - garrett got a bonus & he wanted it & i guess we all now i love a new toy.
as of tomorrow morning - i'm going to be tracking what i eat with weight watchers again. i am getting too large. i need to stop talking about changing things & put my words into actions. it is sad to me that i keep deleting pictures of me and mikey or me and garrett because of my double chin. this is an important time of life & i can't afford to spend more time ashamed of how i look.

why is it that i barely leave the house & am usually just fine with that. but the second you tell me that my baby and i should be quarantined because we could expose any & everyone to a very contagious virus - i'm dying to get out of the house? waking up to snow this morning really squashed my plans of going for a big long walk at lunch time.


garrett said...

Yay for new toys! For Mikey, and us. :) And Yay for being on the WW wagon again. Let's see how the PoinstsPlus system works, huh?

Aimee said...

I love my iPad... And would love a gen2! Connor's pretty much obsessed with it too. It was one of his first words. I do all of my surfing, emailing, and blog reading on it. Some apps we love are listed here: http://pinterest.com/aimsprik/apps/

Kristin Jones said...

Poor Mikey!! Hoping he gets better soon!
The toy area looks great. Isn't it so great when everything has a "home"?

Beth said...

Saddness for little Mikey. I LOVE the play center...now I want one. Speaking of wants Roy is in the market for an Ipad too, but the apple store said they were like 3-4 weeks out...where did Garrett get his? Anyways I hope the little man starts feeling well, and as soon as the weather decides to stay warm we will start some walking!