more weekly meal plans

have i mentioned that i use this meal planner/grocery shopping list? i'm pretty sure i got it from Liz.
last week a few items didn't get made, so they're making their appearances this week. 

this afternoon, i was talking to my friend kristin on gmail. she gave me some encouraging advice about exercising...  so now i've got a new goal: exercise every morning after mikey goes back to bed. then shower. so that when he wakes up again for real, for the day - i'm ready to go. cause mikey wakes up sometime between 5-7 and eats, but then always goes back to bed until between 8 - 9. so... i'm doing it. my goal is to get in 3 miles and then shower. no more jumping back into bed for me!

i want progress. i'm feeling motivated.


Beth said...

I'm motivated with you! Sounds great. you have to tell me how you cook all that crazy food like brussel sprouts and cocousssesesssss or whatever. I get scared when I see that word cause I have no idea how to make it. Seriously, I see it in a recipe and I'm moving on. Plus I don't know how Roy will take all the unusual food. My menu-
Split pea soup w/ rolls
Taco Salad
Pita Pizzas w/ side salad
Chicken Enchiladas/ corn
Cream o' Broc soup
Salsa Beef Skillet/ green beans.
what do you think? Trying to eat less meat.

Hayley said...

i'm not so sure about the brussel sprouts myself, beth - as a kid, i hated them. but garrett likes them & i should try them again.

i've also never made couscous, but i'm not too afraid of it. it is sorta like a pasta/rice little pebble. i think it tastes delicious.

i think your menu sounds delicious though. i'm trying to do a variety of meats, not just chicken. and all lean.

Amy said...

You just made me really hungry . . .I wonder what I have in my fridge . . .

Amy said...

You just made me really hungry . . .I wonder what I have in my fridge . . .

Kristin Jones said...

I'll be checking in tomorrow!!