it really helps to have talented friends:

my sister got me 2 "m" onesies when mikey was born. his last one is long sleeved and is the size that he's currently more than half way through poundage wise. basically - its days are numbered. i have love love loved his "m" onesies. and i bought 2 tie onesies for mikey when he was a wee little babe. but he grew out of those by the time he was 4 months old. i've been missing them...  my friend beth made some for finn & blogged about it. i decided that i needed to take advantage of her skills. last week we went fabric shopping. and then we got some onesies. today she presented me with these treasures: 
is it just me or does anyone else smell an etsy shop in the making for beth? i think these are adorable. thank you so much, beth. i can't wait for him to wear them! in fact, i think he'll wear one of the ties for easter, even if it is a little big right now. just another reason to add to my list of "i'm glad we're friends!"


Beth said...

You're too kind my friend! I'm glad I could help out. The whole time I was sewing them, I kept thinking I'm soooo glad she's not paying me for these. That stitching is Far from perfect! but I know whatever Mikey wears he will make them even cuter. Hopefully the last few will turn out even better.

Holly O. said...

I'm so glad you are stocked up on M shirts!