i don't really want another name for piss quivers.

will ferrell is funny. i can't think of one thing he's done that doesn't make me laugh.

this is my first real mother's day. i mean, last year i was pregnant, but the kid wasn't out yet, so it wasn't really real. is it wrong that i plan on celebrating it up? is it also wrong that i've ordered myself a few things?

target has this new [to me at the very least] red card that you can get 5% off every purchase. all you do is bring in a blank check & they link up with your bank and send you a card. you use it on any and every purchase at target & save. i got one today.

garrett just said some of the funniest things to me. i laughed so hard. it made me super slap happy. 

and random. 

i have to go back to target today to get a few things. i'll only share one item on that list.  cause the rest are too personal. nail polish remover. cause i found an empty container under my sink today. made me a little grouchy. 

mikey has been sitting and playing all by himself and making happy noises for 40 minutes. except for when garrett made me laugh out loud, he hasn't turned around to look at me. i've sat for moments at a time and just watched, smiled and enjoyed. i feel like i've been spying. that kid makes me so happy.

i have been drinking milk like crazy today. the thirst can not be quenched.

i keep singing "mother knows best" from tangled to mikey. and then i realize that mother was wicked & hope that mikey doesn't some day think i'm wicked.

i learned today that i really don't know nursery rhymes. i'm kinda a sucky mom. i got a few nursery rhyme books at the library and will be practicing after mikey's bedtime tonight. 

i really really want to open my "mother's day" present that got delivered today. i never should've given it that nickname. darn.


Jori said...

I have been singing that song too!! Then Hal will yell "You are not leaving this tower EVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!" I am going to have to get me a red card, thanks for the tip.

Mom said...

What is in the box that you can't open until Mother's Day?

Holly O. said...

I don't know nursery rhymes either. But I embraced that a long time ago. Who really give a *beep* about a pie with birds in it?