a few notes to self:

  • don't cute ALL of your fingernails just a little too short. makes everything just a little painful.
  • keep being a good girl - your wedding ring and diamond finally fit again. at the same time.
  • when you walk around for 24 hours straight with a tissue shoved up your nose, one nostril will get bigger. but only the one. 
  • reading a book about a kid who has a pretty close relationship with his teacher is fun. even funnier when you've been a teacher. am very glad that i bought this for $2.99 for the ipad/nook app. 
  • in fact - always listen to megan on book suggestions. she's never led you astray.
  • chocolate chip pancakes are good - but you probably shouldn't have them more than twice a week.
  • don't piss off talented friends. [see below.]
  • must try chicken tortilla pie soon. mhmmm.


Jori said...

I am grumpy PMS lady, and your nostril story just made me giggle. I made choc. chip pancakes for the first time the other day, and you are right they are SO good! Happy your rings fit. I can only wear the diamond, my band won't fit with my main ring. I better get back on the program.

Holly O. said...

I saw that recipe for tortilla pie today too!! In Real Simple? Yummy.

Suzie said...

I can picture all these notes on florescent post its.