monster jammies make my world go round

  •  garrett had a business trip to austin last week. i am so jealous that he gets to see heather and her kiddies so often now. one of these trips, mikey & i are going with him. 
  • i still hate being away from him. we're joined at the hip & i wouldn't have it any other way.
  • i went on my first trip with mikey. alone. to holly's in st. george. we had a grand time. my mom also came to town. connor and will loved mikey. he loved them. now mikey is getting a little cold. slight fever. runny nose. a little congestion. still smiley. just extra tired. 
  • yesterday, shawnie was driving through town and we met her and her boys for lunch. i love that girl so much, so thankful she was one of my roommates freshman year. 
  • last night, we met megan and cory for dinner and then went to the provo library for an evening with markus zusak, the author of one of my all time favorite books, the book thief. [if you haven't read it yet, you clearly don't love me. and something is definitely wrong with you.] he was charming and witty, and i could've sat and listened to his australian accent forever. thank you, thank you, thank you megan. another one of my favorite people - another one of my roommates from freshman year. 
  • i really lucked out with roommates @ ricks.
  • friday night, i got some new nail polishes. i painted my nails. it is all part of my start-looking-better- program. next week, i'm going to get serious about a gym membership. i also got a cute new shirt at costco. i'm going to try to fancy up my style just a tidge. i always wear very plain shirts and jeans. not super femme. at holly's this week, i was impressed on how cute she looked just for going to target. part of my problem is that i literally have 4 shirts that fit that aren't stained right now. so. aside from doing a lot of laundry, my choices are limited. i'll never be super fancy like hojo, but i can jazz it up a little. 
  • i'm reading pioneer woman's book. i'm enjoying it. she's funny. i love the heat in that book.
  • i decided to corner round project life. getting caught up was in itself a little project. but i'm sooooo glad i did it. 
  • i woke up this morning with body aches and a headache. i'm skipping church because mikey is still sleeping and it is half way through our first hour. i feel that when your baby is sick, you shouldn't wake him up. even for church. we're both having a relaxing day. i am pretty sure we won't regret it.
  • my dad got home from moscow. thank heavens, no injuries this time. i like having him on american soil.
  • today is my punky's birthday. my niece. she's 8 now. i can't believe it. through the thick and thin of the last decade, she's always been nothing but a source of pure joy for me. when i was down, all i had to do was be around her and all of my problems just slipped right away. when she was a baby & someone knocked on their doorbell, she shook in anticipation that it might be me. nowadays, we mostly do special sleepovers... i still just love her.


Jori said...

I start talking baby talk in my head every time I come over here. He is SOOOOOOO cute!! Did your Heather Feather move back to TX?

I need to pretty up a bit too, I have a two outfit rotation I am doing right now. Not cool. I hope you had a nice day. I skipped church too, the two bags of mini eggs I polished off yesterday weren't sitting too well with me.

Mom said...

I'm glad you like the jammies. He looks adorable in them.

Beth said...

I need a pair of those pj's for mr. Finn. and on the pretty up a bit front. I still only have 3 shirts that fit, and one pair of extremly tight pants to stuff myself into everyday. We are going to get our walks on soon...especially with the nice weather on the way!

garrett said...

I've forgotten how to turn off the auto focus on our fancy camera, thus the focus on the blanket, with Mikey all blurry in the foreground in that last picture. Whoops. I'll figure out that camera eventually.

Glad to be home!