a happy sick boy & dinner pictures

 mikey will stop fussing or squawking anytime i turn my camera on my phone on & let him look at himself. i adore it. he does too, clearly. is he vain or what? [p.s. you should check out his youtube channel... new video with him looking at himself in the mirror.] today, we had quite the wait at the dr's office. yes, i took him to have his ears checked. yes, i realize i'm a paranoid mom. but he has a rash & a fever.
monday's dinner: homemade chicken cordon bleu, roasted asparagus and a caesar salad.
tonight's dinner: spinach & strawberry salad with a homemade vinaigrette dressing, creamy chicken & bacon pastry puffs. heaven on earth. we're having those leftovers for lunch tomorrow. i can't wait.

recently, my dad has given me a little grief about how much cooking garrett does around here. and believe me, i know how much garrett does around here. i do. i appreciate. i do. but i got a tidge defensive when my dad was teasing me. it made me realize that if i'm sensitive about it, it is probably partially true. maybe i do feel a little guilty about the amount of my work that garrett has done in the last 6 months. so this week, i'm stepping up my game plan. no frozen meals so far. even homemade salad dressing tonight. 

those pastry thingys - you need to give them a whirl. divine.

so, take that dad. i aint afraid of no kitchen.


garrett said...

Don't think I don't appreciate you, too! And I notice the orange serving dishes as well. :) I like you.

Mom said...

Sounds like you have your game on now. That food looks so good.

Beth said...

You guys are always making the best dang food ever...you put me to shame everytime we come and hang out. I don't blame you for making sure Mikey is ok...how are we supposed to know when the ears in bad shape? ANyways hope he's feeling better!