voodoo magic and pots

i am not the first jones girl to get involved in this sorta stuff... in fact, i'm the last. the original holistic guru has been doing this for years - sometimes i don't even know how we're sisters. she doesn't like soda, fast food and she's been neti potting it for years. i was there the first time she neti-ed & i swore i would never do that. i gagged just watching her. and mocked. and teased.

skip forward a few years to a time in my life where i'm nursing [the cutest baby ever] and can't take medication & i've not got my 2nd cold in a month. here's what i didn't count on: how miserable surviving a cold without the luxury of meddies is. but i do it, because i don't want mikey to get anything he shouldn't have in his body.

garrett's had a cold for about a week. a few days ago, he mentioned getting a neti pot. tonight i sent him to the store to get some milk and said, "if you want to get a neti pot, do." he did. he did it first. mikey and i watched... and as soon as he was done, he blew his nose and could breathe. i saw the instant improvement. i don't know if the years have just given me so much wisdom or if it is pure desperation, but i decided to give it a whirl.
it works. i still gagged a little. but it was worth it.

now, onto the essential oils aka voodoo magic. we got our diffuser at christmas and have been enjoying various oils. mikey likes watching the steam/vapor/what do you call it. here's the real miracle though...  since saturday, mikey had been developing a diaper rash. i was trying lots of tricks. butt paste, airing out, vasoline, aquaphor... i didn't know what to do because we've been very faithful about the aquaphor since he had little raw spots when he was tiny. i blame the rash on the sickness and a little diarrhea. then last night i remembered that lavender is supposed to be a good healer. so we put a few drops right on his bum and rubbed it in & then coated it with aquaphor. diapered up and put him to bed. this morning, garrett called me in to show me how much better it looked. i was in awe. shock and awe. by tonight [we kept treating with the lavender all day with every diaper change. and will probably keep it up for a few days. and then probably every couple of days...] you couldn't even tell that he'd had a diaper rash. it was completely healed. and thus, an essential oil miracle.
 i might be years behind the trend when it comes to my sisters, but luckily they don't give up on me & eventually i get it. heather, if it makes you feel any better - i don't drink soda anymore. very rarely at least. maybe someday, i'll get on the bandwagon about exercise. don't give up on me.


Mom said...

Yikes that picture of Garrett scared me. I know what you mean, I'm always the last to try the cures. I discovered a different diet and it is working for me. Now I need to get the exercise in everyday. I do the back stretches everyday for sure. We are all learning new stuff everyday. It is when you learn something and then "do it" that it really works.

Kristin Jones said...

You're so brave to try the Nedi Pot...I still can't do it!!!

Holly O. said...

About time.

garrett said...

I was really surprised at how much better I could breathe!

Katey said...

OMG I want a neti pot! Where do I buy one. I seriously have the worst sinus pressure with this cold and I don't take any medications at all. I need it NOW!!!

Heather said...

I'm glad you gave it a try. I want to do it on Hope, but I won't...she would gag!!! But she does need it :)