ramblings of a tired mom

it isn't even 8:30 & i'm heading to bed. mikey is sick. cough and cold, but today it seemed like more. [frequent spitting up/barfing & diarrhea.] diaper rash. fussiness. on his part and mine. :)

don't worry, really only on his part. but almost on mine. that's why i'm going to bed right now.

garrett's sick, too. valentine's day didn't seem like a bust, but technically it probably should've. two sick boys. we stayed in, aside from a trip to the pediatrician's office. 

both garrett and i are still babying our backs which are recovering, but in my opinion, not fast enough.

thank heavens for words with friends. and babies who still smile even when they feel miserable.

enjoy his 5 month picture:


garrett said...

I'm feeling a little better this morning, so hopefully, he'll start feeling better soon, too. And it looked like the diaper rash had improved as well! Hope you get some good rest today, love.

Maren said...

Cute picture... Love that kid! I'm glad I got to see him in October. See you guys again in July I think! :)

Also, I'm on Words with Friends... "MarenMichelle" is me.

Alohas! I hope you're all feeling better by now!