my fantasies revealed

i'm reading a book right now where the author talks about fantasies. she talks about how fantasies are almost always better than the actual event. that thought got me thinking. i grew up fantasizing about marriage, about having kids. then it didn't happen for a long time & i spent a lot of time in my own screwed up relationships and observing others in their relationships. by the time i was an independent adult, i expected marriage to be work

then i met garrett and fell in love with him and just began having the time of my life. our relationship wasn't work. it was exciting, entertaining, fun... so many good things. we're only 2 years in now, but we're still having fun. i know for me, it still isn't work. [i hope it isn't for him, either.]

sure, we work at it. we do things for each other, we spend time doing things with each other... we try to keep the romance alive. and i'm not going to lie here and say that our relationship has always been perfect - we've had a few fights [come on, i'm a jones girl... i've got a temper. and it has almost always been me getting upset about something. thank heavens for a calm man in my life.] but they get worked out. and there really haven't been  many.

basically what i am saying is: being married to garrett is better than the expectations i had as an adult, heck - it is even better than the fantasies i had as a kid. i mean, i didn't think back then about how great it would be to laugh til i was crying or peeing. or both. or how much it would mean to know that there is someone who would do anything for you.

i do know one thing: i fantasized about being a mom all of my life & i can honestly say that real life motherhood is even better than i imagined. and it is this way because of garrett. because he helps. because he supports. because our little boy looks just like him. 

garrett, i love you more today than i did 2 years ago. happy anniversary. i love living our fantasy.


garrett said...

These have been the best two years of my life, too! I love you so much! Mikey has this to say: n


(he was grabbin at the iPodular, so I let him have free reign for a while. :) ) happy anniversary!!!

Jori said...

This is very sweet. It's great to see you so happy. You have awesome guys in your life for sure. Mikey just keeps getting cuter and cuter! :)

Deb and AJ said...

Congrautlations! Happy 2nd anniversary. It was so good to see you both and meet Mikey at the shower.

Sarah Young said...

loved this! Happy Anniversary!

Mom said...

Happy Anniversary. It sure makes a mother happy knowing her children are happy.

Holly O. said...

I love the way you two love each other. I really do. It is so obvious how happy you are.

But I have to admit, when I saw "my fantasies revealed" in my Reader, I thought we were in for a wild ride!!!!

Hayley said...

dirty holly. so very dirty.