gonna catch a bear!

i'm sick. and because i'm nursing and terrified of dwindling my milk supply away, i'm basically not taking anything. i'm sneezing, sniffling and now coughing basically all of the time. my nose is raw... i'm a mess. and my back hurts. so everytime i sneeze, i wince.

playing with this dude is what is keeping me going. oh and his dad. garrett has been doing "we're going on a bear hunt" with mikey & it is adorable to watch. in fact, go here & you can watch it. but i'm pretty sure we're [he's] doing it wrong. mikey doesn't care though. does anyone know the real/correct lyrics for bear hunt? - if so, please share. you should watch that video, mikey is distracted by me - he usually is more interactive with garrett, adorable.

thank heavens for that boy napping for 2 hours this afternoon, so i could nap. and thank heavens for garrett - taking care of me and picking up the slack with taking care of this house when i fall short. we like this boy, that is for sure.

oh and if you have 6 minutes and want to watch him splash like crazy in the tubby, go here. so cute. 


Paige Goepfert said...

great pics!

Holly O. said...

Are you talking about the book? Get in in board book form pronto. It is still one of my kids' favorites.

Aimee said...

Cute collage!